Dr. Jones -- Episode 3 | Hypnotik Media Group

Dr. Jones -- Episode 3 | Hypnotik Media Group

Hello and Welcome to Dr. Jones!

We are creating a new web series we have been shooting on and off for the last two years.

This series focuses on Dr. Kenneth Jones. The lord himself comes to Earth from Heaven and poses as a psychiatrist in order to get a better and up close understanding of the human condition. Sure people can go through confessionals, but this is a more practical, hands on approach, where he can really gauge what is going on with people in their own personal worlds. 

In Episode 3, Kenneth encounters a local and renowned serial killer, William. 

William is in an interesting situation considering he is on the verge of turning himself in after his ten year long "career." Kenneth must guide him towards where he needs to go in an ever so gentle way. 

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